We provide specialised support to companies who have in-house technical support teams, and may need to bring in our expertise on complex internet related issues. 


Since no two organisations are alike, we also create network architectures that suit your organisation, by constructing a solution that provides you with performance, scalability and reliability.

On-site server and desktop computer support

We have a team of skilled engineers who provide on-site support at our client’s premises to support their desktop computers and servers. We support all versions of Microsoft Windows, as both servers and workstations. We are strongly committed to Linux, and have deep expertise in this area.

Windows Server support and implementation

We have several Microsoft certified software engineers (MCSE’s), who provide support on the full range of Microsoft server offerings.

WAN and LAN design and implementation

Our engineers are able to design and implement networks for organisations who have offices in different parts of the country. We also make recommendations on constructing networks within offices, providing designs that are appropriate to our client’s needs.

Linux server support and implementation

We are enthusiastic supporters of Linux, and use Linux extensively within our own organisation. We are members of, and support the Cape Linux Users Group in disseminating the use and distribution of open source operating systems.

Intranet and Extranet web based software development

Our software development skills are focused on web based software development.  We use the Perl and PHP programming languages to design these solutions. We are therefore able to construct a wide variety of types of applications, including databases and operational systems that automate parts of the way the company works.

Consulting on development of strategic IT solutions

We have written strategy papers for a range of corporate and non-profit organisations. We have also provided consulting services to the European Union, and to the Dept of Finance on the Development Co-operation Report.