Our Aim

To supply and maintain IT Systems that address your business requirements in a cost-effective, efficient, and effective manner.

Our Philosophy

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, which are based on the continuing value that we add. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are appropriate to your needs, taking into account your business requirements, budgets, and strategic direction.

Our History

Mindspring Computing was started by Pramod Daya in 1991.  He has always had a passion for using IT and technology to make everyday tasks easier and solve problems efficiently.  Based on this passion Mindspring Computing was born.

Our initial focus was on Macintosh software development and support.  Over time our services began including internet connectivity, however, the open source movement is still enthusiastically embraced.  We now offer an even bigger variety of IT services such as Desktop or remote Support as well as on-site support, Penetration Testing and are skilled in Linux.  We are also a re-seller of Kaspersky Anti-virus, ManageEngine, and Microsoft 365. In 2004 we moved to new premises in Kenilworth, across from Access Park, and are currently 27 staff members strong.

For over three decades, Mindspring Computing has passionately catered to the unique needs of NGOs and SMEs, establishing a robust presence in the tech industry since our inception in 1991. We specialize in managing internet connections, servers, and workstations for our valued clients. These organizations, while substantial enough to demand top-notch IT support, find it economically savvy to entrust Mindspring Computing rather than maintaining in-house staff.

Our commitment extends beyond conventional IT services; Mindspring Computing offers holistic solutions covering equipment supply, service and support, and seamless internet connectivity. When you partner with us, rest assured that we don’t merely address issues – we take ownership of your challenges, ensuring a comprehensive resolution. Experience the difference of having a dedicated ally in Mindspring Computing, where expertise meets unwavering commitment for a technology-driven success journey.

Research & Development

We encourage our clients to look beyond using their IT systems for word processing and e-mail. There is a plethora of application software available, much of it in the Open Source domain, which can be used or customized for your needs.  

In learning more about your business, we are better able to research existing software or develop a bespoke system that suits your individual needs


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