Comprehensive IT Solutions
We provide on-site IT support in Cape Town and remote assistance nationally for highly responsive and interactive support.
We construct solutions that provides you with performance, scalability and reliability.
About Us

Mindspring has been servicing the NGO and SME sectors since 1991.


We look after the internet connections, servers and workstations of our clients, who are typically big enough to have IT support needs, but for whom it is not cost effective to employ their own staff.


Since we provide comprehensive solutions that encompass the supply of equipment, service and support, and internet connectivity, we always take ownership of your problem.

Our Vision

To be the preferred IT Solutions Provider to the NGO and SME sector, supplying our clients with cutting edge technology and a high quality level of service, in a manner that will guarantee complete client satisfaction.

We can help you with

  • On-site support - you will be assigned a technician who will learn your site and provide on-going support, with a backup person.

  • Provide stable and secure internet connectivity via Fibre, ADSL or Wireless


  • Provide on-site support for your desktop PCs and servers


  • Provide cloud based e-mail and backups


  • Protect your organisation's data with firewalls and security policies 


  • Provide solutions to link all your branches  


  • Implement a Linux firewall, Mail server, and file server for your organisation

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