We are fibre and LTE resellers.  What this means is we assist the customer with internet connectivity pricing from more than one Internet Service Provider.  The customer is then able to select the quote most suited to their requirements.  We then assist the client to submit the necessary documentation and follow up with the Service Provider on behalf of the client for the duration of the installation process.  This service is offered at no extra cost to the customer.

Fibre Connectivity

Fibre connectivity is the new craze in internet connectivity and rightly so.  Experience faster and more reliable speeds.  We can assist with the following:

Fibre to the Home


We are able to quote on speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 100Mbps with uncapped data for home use.  Contact us or click on the options below.

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Fibre to the Business


We are able to quote on speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1000Mbps with uncapped data for business use.  The difference between home and business fibre is more users are able to use the connectivity on business fibre without interruption and you are able to get faster line speeds compared to fibre to the home packages. 

Voice Over Internet Protocol


Many users are now moving away from traditional methods of making phone calls and making use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).  This means phone calls can be made over the internet at a fraction of the price compared to traditional phone calls.  We assist with pricing for the VOIP system as well as the hardware that accompanies this type of installation.  


We are able to assist with pricing and quotations for a number of different packages.  The perks of LTE is that the installation is hassle-free and there’s no waiting period before you are able to use it.  

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