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How do you know if the message in your inbox is spam?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Spammers are constantly on the look out for their next victim. It is up to the end-user to be aware and not fall into the trap.

1. Do not open any unknown attachments

The above email was found in my spam folder and therefore already has a "warning" attached to it, however not all emails are sent to your spam folder. If you feel unsure about an attachment, rather right click and scan for viruses before opening it.

2. Look out for spelling errors

This trick is used so that spam filters do not pick the message up as spam.

3. Do not respond to a "call to action"

Many spammers try to steal your information by asking you to update your information. Many times it may seem as if the email has been sent from a legitimate organisation, however there are small details to look out for. For example, instead of the email saying "Woolworths" it would say "WoolWorths." This is also known as phishing.

4. Do not fall for threats

Spammers could send you emails stating that they have information about you that they will share if you do not pay them a certain amount of money. These emails are untrue and is also a form of cyber crime. Do not pay any money to them and report the email as "Junk." #cybercrime #phishing #spam

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