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(Network and Server)

Integrated network management software for today’s networks

Managing network performance is always a great challenge. This doubles when multiple point-products are used to manage it. Introducing OpManager v12.2, world's first truly integrated network management software for faster and smarter network management. It out-of-the-box offers network monitoring, physical and virtual server monitoring, flow-based bandwidth analysis, firewall log analysis and archiving, configuration and change management, and IP address and switch port management, thereby providing all the visibility and control that you need over your network.

Network and Server Monitoring

Monitor packet loss, response time, and performance metrics of devices such as routers, switches, servers, VMs.

Firewall Log Management
  • Collect, analyse, and archive firewall logs for security and compliance. Fix security loop holes instantly.

  • Manage IP address for space and availability. Track switch ports and the devices connected to it, in real-time.

Bandwidth Analysis

Analyze bandwidth consumed by users & apps via NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IP FIX, etc. and shape traffic.

Configuration Management
Fault Management
  • Backup, push, and revert configurations from web GUI. Receive notifications for unauthorized changes.

  • Set multi-level thresholds to get notified of faults at various stages via email and SMS.

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