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Exchange Reporter Plus

(Exchange Server Auditing)

What is Exchange Reporter Plus?

Microsoft Exchange Server is, by and large the most popular communication, collaboration and email messaging application today. Microsoft Exchange serves as the hub of all email communications in most corporate environments that use the Active Directory technology. It becomes a necessity to have an Exchange reporting tool that will equip an Exchange Administrator with precise, granular, comprehensive and actionable data on all aspects of the MS Exchange Server.

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers. Exchange Reporter Plus is a comprehensive MS Exchange reporting software that provides over 100 different reports on every aspect of the Microsoft Exchange Server environment.

What problems does it solve?
  • Track incoming and outgoing email message, monitor mailbox size, perform Exchange traffic analysis and keep spam away from Active Directory mailboxes with Mailbox Traffic, Mailbox Content, and Mailbox Size Reports.

  • Access real-time monitoring reports on Exchange database and server; ensure Exchange health and smooth functionality of server roles.

  • Keep up with ActiveSync traffic in your organization by obtaining elaborate reports on ActiveSync usage, sync requests, policy details, status information & device details.

  • Keep a tab on the number of messages sent and received by each Exchange server using Server Traffic Reports.

  • Monitor the vital statistics of Exchange Server Public Folders with comprehensive Public Folder Reports.

  • Generate reports on Distribution Lists and also show the traffic for each distribution by running Distribution Lists Traffic Report


  • Mailbox Size Reports

  • Office 365 Reports

  • E-Mail Traffic Reports

  • Mailbox Content Reports

  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) Reports

  • Server Storage Reports

  • ActiveSync/Mobile Device Reports

  • Distribution List Reports


  • Service Monitoring

  • E-Mail Queue Monitoring

  • Client Access Connectivity (ActiveSync, OWA, POP, IMAP, etc.)

  • E-Mail flow Monitoring

  • Storage Monitoring (Mailboxes, Databases, and Drives)

  • DAG or High Availability Monitoring

  • Exchange Server CPU and Memory Monitoring


  • Real Time Change Auditing

  • Unauthorized Mailbox Logins

  • Mailbox Permission Changes

  • Mailbox Properties Changes

  • User Actions on Exchange Databases

  • Mailboxes Moved Report

Real Time Change Auditing

Experience enhanced security and be informed about any unauthorized mailbox logon attempts or changes made to mailbox permissions with Exchange server audit reports.


With the Exchange Server Auditing feature you can:

  • Monitor user logon patterns

  • Obtain reports on stores mounted or dismounted during a particular time frame

  • Probe into changes in mailbox permissions

  • Obtain complete list of access control entries values after and before the change in setting

  • Keep tabs on mailbox property changes such as quota changes, size restriction changes, activated mailboxes, deactivated ones and moved mailboxes.


Exchange Reporter Plus presents these reports in an easily comprehensible format that even technically naive users can create and interpret. In addition to generating these reports in the blink of an eye, one can also export these reports. The reports can be downloaded as xls, csv, pdf or html files for further activities.

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