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Office 365 Backups

Our Office 365 Backups are there to provide an essential extra layer of security against potential data loss or damage for all Microsoft 365 accounts and users. 


Backups allow you to retain and restore the data from the web-based dashboard in Office 365. The added benefit of time-saving and improved efficiencies, the backups are essential for safety and security should any breaches, attacks or damage occur. 

Why BACKUPS are important?

  • To protect the company from loss of data through accidental deletion 

  • Internal threats caused by employees intentional data damage or deletion, vulnerable email phishing links or other malicious employee actions. 

  • Cyber attacks by external threats can access your Microsft Office 365 accounts and encrypt and delete any data. 

Office 365 Backup Features

Users are able to store and retain data for 7 years 

Cost-effective with

Users have control of data rentention 

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