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ADAudit Plus

(Active Directory)

Real-time Windows active directory auditing

In real-time, ensure critical resources in the network like the Domain Controllers are audited, monitored and reported with the entire information on AD objects - Users, Groups, GPO, Computer, OU, DNS, AD Schema and Configuration changes with 200+ detailed event specific GUI reports and email alerts.​​

  • Insider Threats

  • User logon

  • Compliance

  • Reports and Alerts

  • Data Archiving

  • GPO Settings

Logon/logoff auditing

Audit the critical user workstation logon & logoff time to monitor the logon duration, logon failures, logon history and terminal services activity. View & Schedule graphical reports with Email alerts for periodic analysis & quick response during security threats.

  • Logon/Logoff

  • Compliance

  • Data Archiving

  • Reports and Alerts

  • All workstation reports

File server auditing

Securely track the file creation, modification & deletion from an authorized / unauthorized access, with detailed forensics of security and permission changes to the documents in their files / folder structure and shares.

  • File servers

  • Access permissions

  • Failover Clusters

  • NetApp Filers

  • EMC Servers

  • All File Server Reports

Windows servers auditing

Track the Logon/Logoff, Schedule to track events like RADIUS Logon, Terminal Services Activity, Logon Duration and Logon History. Audit related processes can be kept tab by Tracking Windows Schedule jobs

  • Windows Servers

  • Printer Auditing

  • File Integrity Monitoring

  • Compliance

  • Reports and Alerts

  • All Windows Server Reports

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